Orange in Tree
Welcome to my digital portfolio. I have been creating digital art, photography and custom web design professionally since 2005.

Prior to turning to computer arts and design my initial training is in fine art, predominantly metalsmithing. I have minors in ceramics and art history from undergrad and I was first introduced to computer graphics in graduate school way back when the Pentium 1's first came out and Photoshop had only one undo. I never lost my initial fascination with computers so when I decided to go back to school after a long hiatus, computers were my first choice.

I have had and continue to have a lively and varied career in art. I still teach metals and make one-of-a-kind jewelry and have formerly taught art history, drawing and design at the college level. I am happy to be the new e-commerce website administrator for the Heard Museum Online Shop as of November 2009. I am still working as a freelance web designer however because I simply love to build web sites. My clients are as varied as my interests, ranging from other artists to high-tech industrial fabricators and a writing coach. I stay abreast of current standards and I am constantly learning more, including taking a Flash class in 2009 to augment my skills.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have or to let me know what you think of the site as it is a work in progress. Thank you.